Posted by: elisvoice | November 20, 2007

Controversial Endorsement

I recently heard a controversial news. Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for President this coming 2008 U.S. elections.

We all know who Pat Robertson is. He is the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and has hosted the show The 700 Club for the longest time. He is a respected religious leader esteemed and looked-upon by many.

Let’s see, however, what people are saying about his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for US Presidency:

seriously, Pat Robertson is endorsing Rudy Guiliani? What happened to all his “preaching” against gay marriage, abortion rights, etc.?

How does a man claiming to speak for Christians come to endorse a candidate who advocates torture, preemptive war, and considers himself pro-choice on abortion while the field is still open?

Rudy Giuliani, pro-choice, pro-gay, thrice married with all sorts of dubious connections the Evangelical choice.

The evangelical who started the Christian Coalition (referring to Pat Robertson) to promote Christian, pro-family, anti-abortion candidates, has now placed his seal of approval upon Rudy Giuliani…a politician who has supported everything the Coalition has fought against and a man who has conducted his personal life contrary to what anyone could consider to be pro-family.

Apparently, Pat didn’t get the memo that Rudy stands for all the things he (Robertson) has claimed to oppose with every fiber of his being for the last forty years.

So I would want to understand (with all my good intentions) how did Pat Robertson arrive at the conclusion that Rudy Giuliani is the best bet for the coming elections.

I have started to read a lot about this issue on the internet since I learned about it. Everyone has their own opinion. I have mine. But during times like this, someone like me would want to hear the opinion of respected church leaders to balance their thoughts and perception.

I guess that’s the main reason really, why I started this blog. I want to know where the leaders people look up to stand. And since I value notable Christian leaders’ opinions highly, I want to know what they believe in. The danger of shaping up people’s (right or wrong) thoughts lies hanging on the balance. If no one would come out to make a statement, it would be twice harder to un-convince people later on.

I am neither for Giuliani nor against him. I simply want direction at this point. What should I believe in?

Church leaders with strong morals and conviction, and who understands the time and knows what to do (or say!) You will be helping many others make the right decisions as you shed a light on this issue.